Trees can play a vital part in our gardens and grounds, but they need maintaining, they need a professional view. Mature trees that have not been maintained can be a unsightly and dangerous. Causing problems with fallen branches and damage to property or pedestrians. Not forgeting diseases like ash dieback and honey fungus. We are proficient in woodland management, as well as tree surgery, tree pruning and tree planting.

Tree Surgery

Our aim at JB Groundcare is to preserve trees and not take them down. However due to disease and saftey concerns tree removal can sometimes be the only option. We will always check tree presevation orders (TPOs) and if needed apply for any planning and consents. If the end result is a full take down we offer a replacement tree service.

Tree Planting

Where ever possible we always look to plant specimen and native trees. From Ginkgo Biloba to English Oaks. The same with native hedging from Taxus Baccata hedging to English Native. Working with our UK and European suppliers to provide trees of any speciesĀ andĀ size we can advise what will work best for your requirements.

Do you have large mature trees or concerns about your woodland? Then please give us a call and we can evaluate your situation. Give us a call on 01635 945850 or drop us an email on

Large tree being planted tree surgery Large trees being planted Large trees to be planted

"Extremely happy with the service from Jb-ground care, We used Jack and the team on one of our projects and they truly did delivery more than we could of asked for there design and finish was to an outstanding level."

Oliver Richardson.